Surrogacy Cost in Chennai with High Success Rate 2023

Go IVF is the best surrogacy hospital in Chennai that offers a reasonable cost of surrogacy in India to people worldwide. It is a clinic with an extensive database of surrogate mothers to help childless couples. Couples can submit their surrogate mother's preference.

Surrogacy cost in chennai is an advanced fertility procedure that helps same-sex couples, single parents, and women with medical conditions who cannot conceive choose a surrogacy procedure to enjoy the parenthood phase. Surrogacy is a procedure in which fertility specialists first perform IVF using the intended parent's eggs and sperm and fertilize them in an IVF laboratory until an embryo develops. Once the embryo is implanted, the embryologist selects the most active and healthy embryo/s and infuses them into the surrogate mother's uterus to allow for a successful pregnancy.

After the embryo transfer on the 14th day, the couple has to visit the best surrogacy hospital in Chennai with their surrogate mother for a pregnancy test. A specialist examines the surrogate mother using ultrasound to listen to the infant's heartbeat. If the specialist finds that the heartbeat is expected, the conception has been successful, and the clinic will discharge the surrogate mother. The couples take the surrogate mother to a local gynaecologist for further treatment. Surrogacy cost in Chennai ranges from INR 13 lakhs to INR 16lakhs depending on the couple's age, body weight, condition of the uterus and fallopian tubes of the surrogate, the experience of the surrogate, the lifestyle of the surrogate, etc.

How much does a surrogacy agency in Chennai cost for a second attempt?

If a pair fails to achieve successful results in one attempt. They can take a second try at a reasonable cost. In the second attempt, the embryologist uses the remaining embryo/s from the couple's first IVF cycle and implants them into the same surrogate mother. Surrogacy cost Chennai approximately INR 6,00,000 to implant the embryo/s into the womb of the same surrogate mother. However, if the couple wants the embryo transferred to another surrogate mother, then the Surrogacy in Chennai cost is around INR 8,00,000.

This is the estimated surrogacy cost in Chennai for second embryo implantation to surrogate mothers. After a proper examination, the fertility expert will confirm the actual price. The expert will find the leading cause of the failure in the first attempt and accordingly suggest which surrogate mother will be transferred in the second attempt. Once the specialist decides that the embryo transfer is done to the same or a different surrogate mother, they start the procedure and confirm the actual surrogacy cost in Chennai for the second attempt.

How much does a surrogacy agency in Chennai charge for legal documentation?

A surrogacy agency in Chennai charges around INR 1,50,000 for legal documentation. It will be part of the total cost of surrogacy in Chennai only if the surrogate mother is hired by the agency or surrogacy centre. If the couple wishes their legal advisor to draw up a Surrogacy Agreement, then the cost of the legal documentation is deducted from the total price of Surrogacy in Chennai.

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