Surrogacy Cost In Delhi India- Get Price Estimate

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Infertility has given rise to fertility treatment and fertility clinics. In India every area and locality has a fertility clinic in it. With such a development there are many fertility treatment for Indian and foreign citizens. Among them surrogacy is one of the last options for parenthood. This is because surrogacy is not a cheap treatment. Therefore, this is the last option for couples. During surrogacy, a surrogate mother is the most important part. However, the surrogate mother cost in Delhi overwhelmed people to not have it.

For this, we are here to tell everyone there is no surrogate compensation in Delhi.            

Is surrogacy legal in Delhi?

Yes, surrogacy is legal in Delhi. However, not every form of surrogacy is allowed here. Only altruistic and gestational surrogacy is legal in Delhi. People cannot have commercial surrogacy and traditional surrogacy in Delhi.

Other than this there are many rules and regulation over who can have surrogacy and who cannot. Not everyone can have surrogacy in India. Only married couples of five years, who are facing issues of infertility, can have surrogacy in Delhi. They must not have any children from any method to have surrogacy. Other than this there is an age restriction, according to which men should be 26 to 55 and women should be 23 to 50.

Who can be a surrogate mother in Delhi?

To be a surrogate mother in Delhi people need to follow some restrictions such as the surrogate age should be 25 to 35. The surrogate must be healthy, both mentally and physically. She should have a child of her own as after surrogacy it can be hard to get pregnant for the surrogate. If the surrogate’s husband is alive then they should have his consent.

The surrogate must have a proof of her medical health. Other than this the surrogate must not be doing this for any benefit. She will not receive any compensation in Delhi. Lastly, the surrogate much be genetically related to the couple.

How much does surrogacy cost in Delhi?

The surrogacy cost in Delhi NCR is INR 15, 00,000 to INR 25, 00,000. This cost is an average cost. Surrogacy is not a cheap treatment and there are many factors that can increase it. Such as if the couple does not have healthy gametes or are facing problems then they will have to use the advance treatments. However, the cost of advance treatments can increase the surrogacy cost Delhi.

Other than this, the clinic the couple chooses for their surrogacy will also affect the total cost. If the clinic has high cost then the couple will have to pay those costs.

How much does the surrogate mother cost in Delhi?

In Delhi there is no commercial surrogacy that means there is no surrogate compensation either. No surrogacy agency in Delhi will provide the couple a surrogate mother. Because now the couple has to ask a family member to be their surrogate mother. This is all because of altruistic surrogacy.

In altruistic surrogacy there is no surrogate mother compensation. However, that does not mean the couple does not have to do anything. It simply means the couple has to take care of the surrogate mother during the pregnancy. They also have to provide insurance to the surrogate mother. All these costs add up to be the surrogate mother cost Delhi.

What affects the surrogate mother cost in Delhi?

Surrogacy price in Delhi has many factors that can affect it into increasing. The same goes for the surrogate mother cost in Delhi. There are many factors that can affect the surrogate mother cost. The first fact is the medical cost. A surrogate needs many medical tests, medicines and checkups, all of which increases the surrogacy charges in Delhi.

Surrogate’s necessities can affect the surrogate mother cost Delhi too. There are many necessities that the surrogate has such as the medical testing, checkups, healthy meals, and accommodation. All of these costs can affect the total up surrogacy mother cost in Delhi.


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